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Chimo Helpline Inc provides competent and compassionate helpline services to communities throughout Atlantic Canada, including PEI and New Brunswick.


If you wish to make a donation to the Island Helpline, you may do so by clicking the ‘Donate Now through’ button below and noting that your donation is to go to support Island Helpline services in PEI. Thank you (in advance) for your donation.


Please Note:  no crisis intervention will be offered over email or social media.

Phone: (506) 450-2937

Executive Director: Lisa O'Blenis
Email: lisa.oblenis@nb.aibn.comEmail:

Chimo Helpline Inc.

P.O. Box 1033

Fredericton, NB
E3B 5C2

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This website is designed to provide general information only and does not provide direct services. We do not accept text messaging.

 If you need help please call us at 1-800-218-2885.  © 2015 The Island Helpline.

Ce site Web vise à offrir de l’information générale seulement. Il ne fournit pas de services directs. Veuillez noter que nous n’acceptons pas les messages textes. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, appelez-nous au 1-800-218-2885.  © 2015 Ligne d’écoute de l’Î.-P.-É.