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About The Island Helpline

Our Mission Statement


"To serve Prince Edward Island by providing a competent level of emotional support, crisis intervention and links to community supports in a caring, confidential manner."

How does the Island Helpline help?


The Island Helpline plays an important role in our communities.  We help callers by providing a listening ear, emotional support, crisis intervention and links to community resources available on PEI.  


Who calls us?


Anyone who is going through a difficult situation and is in need of caring, confidential emotional support.


Why call us?


We do not judge. You can express your thoughts and feelings in confidence regardless of whether you are grieving, feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed, or in crisis. Your well-being is important to us and we are here for you through life's challenges.

What About Suicide Risk?


All of our volunteers and staff are trained in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). This training allows them to discuss suicide with callers in an open, direct and non-judgmental manner. It also provides us with the skills to identify risk and to work with callers to develop safeplans to guard against that risk.




The Island Helpline provides a quality service which is based on trust and confidentiality. Our policies ensure objectivity and respect for all callers, as well as those who respond to calls.  If you have any questions please ask us.

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